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This opportunity to learn how to program the affordable Raspberry Pi to control devices is brought to you by this group of educators and engineers. With over 60 years of combined experience we are able to provide a way to learn how to program a processor to do things that you thought took years of study. Here are the four founding educators and the people who your student will learn from.


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I am an experienced Science, Technology, Engineering and Math educator with over twenty-four years of experience as a teacher and an engineering evangelist who has promoted S.T.E.M. education in and outside of the k-12 classroom.   I believe the Raspberry Pi is a great way to bring the opportunity of low cost physical computing to all kids.  I was the first teacher in the US to use the Raspberry Pi in the classroom.  I have created, developed, and implemented innovative curricula used in my classroom and across the country. For example, I co developed the Fly To Learn program to teach kids math, science and engineering by designing and building virtual airplanes.  I have successfully worked with a broad range of organizations including both education and business. I currently teach both traditional and nontraditional students.




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Dr. Terence J Fagan, Engineering Chair at Central Piedmont Community College, known for exploring new ways of thought. His love of engineering came from early childhood; taking apart anything I could get my hands on and not always putting it back together. He has always excelled in Math and sometimes in Science. Through undergraduate at University of North Carolina at Charlotte he made it through not on application but relied on his mathematics ability. In graduate school working under a tool and die maker he connected his ability in math and science with the application. It was not until looking for a job after graduate school he thought he would give teaching a try. (His wife and mom are both English teachers) Luckily he did and found his true calling.





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Nearly a decade of engineering experience, several years teaching high school, mentoring robotics teams then developing engineering curriculum has provided a broad experience to be a STEM educator. I use this experience to develop creative approaches to inspire students to consider a technical career.







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I believe in the value of STEM education, engaging and inventive instruction, and holistic student development. My belief in improving and innovating education came from the inspiration of my brother, who was diagnosed with Autism as a young child. I wanted to make a difference in students’ lives and support parents with giving their children the best educational opportunity possible. This led me to belief that STEM education is the key to create successful students for the future!


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